This year Laserpalooza was happy to sponsor Fermentivus!!!! Now, some may say that Fermentivus is on December 23rd, but we here at Laserpalooza think it should be celebrated all year long. As such we would love to hear ideas on Fermentivus mugs, Fermentivus ornaments and any other festive Fermentivus items we may be able to create. Stay tuned to Laserpalooza's promotional page to see what Fermentivus ideas get turned into actual creations.

Check out our first edition Fermentivus mugs, these are sure to please any home brewer who celebrates Fermentivus, and what home brewer doesn't celebrate Fermentivus?  None that we know.



To order please call (763) 447-5483 or email Laserpalooza at

Fermentivus mugs $15.99 plus shipping, standard rates apply.
Learn more about Fermentivus at  and  if you have ideas for Fermentivus gifts please email your ideas to or to